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Bigger data, sharper models.

Medical innovation is moving fast, faster than actuarial models can keep up. Today, a 75-year-old is two times more likely to die from a fall than in 2000, because conditions like heart disease and others are much less deadly. And, at older ages, each person’s health diverges from the average as impairments compound - or not. Yet, measures of mature business longevity today rely on stale models and spotty data.

Bell Analytics pairs AI-powered models, fresh data from multiple sources, and highly consultative validation for a clear picture of risk - for new and in-force books of business, today and going forward.

Focused on seniors.

We build for senior markets, ages 65 and up. Today’s analytical tools cater to the mass market, but we know underwriting a 35-year-old is very different from underwriting an 85-year-old. We’re passionate about expanding life and retirement planning options for older Americans and our mission is to enable a thriving market.

To that end, we work with buyers, sellers, and holders of older age morbidity and mortality risk, across product lines. Our offerings include curated senior health outcome data by granular health conditions and demographic profiles, as well as individual and portfolio risk assessment and monitoring.

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