Modern data science for senior insurance markets.
Bell Analytics develops new analytical approaches and tools to better manage risk for older age life & retirement insurance products.

Get more from your data.

Predictive analytics has not lived up to its promise in life & retirement markets. For senior products, generating useful results is complicated by limited experience data, fragmented datasets, heterogenous policies, and ever-evolving health outcomes.

We can help. We focus on senior markets exclusively, tailoring the latest data science to key problems, from underwriting to block and claims management.

Founded by experts in machine learning and consumer risk.

CEO & Operations
Elaine Gibbs

Elaine has spent her entire career managing consumer risk - both as client advisor and risk owner.

Data Science
Ben Solecki

Ben has designed and implemented machine learning models in multiple highly-regulated industries.

Analysis & Product
Lin Solecki

Lin specializes in exploratory data and predictive model analysis, with expertise in data visualization.


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