A first-of-its-kind mortality database.

In cooperation with the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services, Bell Analytics has developed the first database of mortality tables with condition-level granularity. The tables and related metrics are based on over 30 million person-years of healthcare interactions recorded by Medicare beneficiaries.

Bell Analytics offers and maintains the accompanying dashboard as a public resource, in order to advance research on senior citizen health trends in the US. The dashboard contains prevalence, mortality curves, mortality improvement, and life expectancies, by age, sex, and diagnosed health condition.

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Who is Bell Analytics?

This resource is developed and maintained by Bell Analytics, a consultancy focused on bringing better data and data science to senior insurance markets.

We help insurers use Medicare data to enhance medical underwriting and to address populations with a different disease burden than the standard reference population. Our clients find this dataset complements traditional top-down mortality modeling approaches (where health trajectories are tracked at a total population level) through its granular view of survival and improvement for each patient profile.

We also work with clients to build their team’s data and data science capabilities.

For customized data extracts or to discuss how we help insurers use data more effectively, please contact the team at hello@bell-analytics.com. We’d love to hear from you.